Highway Bus Rush

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Highway Bus Rush
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While playing the Highway Bus Rush Unblocked game, you use the “W, A, S, D” and arrow keys on computers to steer the vehicle left and right and move it back and forth. You press the brake by clicking the SPACE spacebar. On mobile phones and mobile tablets, you move the car forward and stop it by clicking on the gas and brake pedals in the lower right corner of the screen. You can direct the vehicle left and right by clicking on the left and right direction buttons in the lower left corner.

There are 3 different options on the menu page: CAREER, INFINITE and FREE. In the CAREER option, a different task is given in each section. These tasks include traveling 5 km in 45 seconds, passing very close to other cars in traffic, and completing the track without having an accident. In the INFINITE option, you drive on the highway in one or both directions, in sunny or rainy weather, day or night. If you crash, you’re on fire. In FREE mode, you complete randomly assigned tasks by driving on a one-way or two-way highway. As you complete the levels and tasks, you earn monetary rewards. You can buy new vehicles from the SHOP section using the money you earn.

While playing the Highway Bus Rush game, you can learn information such as the distance traveled on the highway, the speed of the vehicle and the remaining time to complete the mission by following the dashboards on the screen.

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