Hard Wheels Winter

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Hard Wheels Winter
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While playing the Hard Wheels Winter Unblocked game, you use “W, A, S, D” and arrow keys, and on mobile phones and mobile tablets, you use the right and left arrow buttons and the gas and brake buttons at the bottom of the screen. You need to reach the end point by passing over the containers placed in the middle of the snow. Various models of scrapped cars and old wheels were placed on these containers. If your vehicle rolls over while you are driving over this old car and its wheels, you will get burned and have to start the same section over again. As you have an accident, your car’s energy decreases. Your current level and remaining energy appear in the upper left corner of the screen. If you reach the black and white flag point at the end of the track without any accidents, you complete the section and gain the right to pass to the next section.

There are 15 chapters in total. As you pass the levels, the next level is unlocked. Start a new chapter from the NEW GAME option in the menu section. Start playing the Hard Wheels Winter game by choosing any of the 15 levels from the SELECT LEVEL section.

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