Gravity Kid

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Gravity Kid
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While playing the Gravity Kid Unblocked game, you change the position of your character by clicking on the screen with your mouse or finger and clicking the SPACE spacebar.

While the mischievous little boy is running on the track, the guard chases after him. The track consists of obstacles, steps and gaps. There are two roads parallel to each other. You switch from one path to another by clicking on the screen or the space bar. If you hit obstacles or fall down gaps while traveling on the road, you will get burned.

As you progress on the track, you need to collect the gold, health rights and protective armor in the air. If you have the right to life, when you get burned, you will respawn from the same place and start running on the track. You make money by buying gold. By wearing protective armor, you won’t get burned when you hit the steps. You earn points for every distance you run on the track. The points you earn appear in the DISTANCE section at the top of the screen. Continue playing the game of upside down and straight 4 by advancing on the course without being caught by the guard running behind you and break your own record.

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