Goods Master 3D

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Goods Master 3D
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While playing the Goods Master 3D Unblocked game, you select the products with your mouse or finger and drag them to move them. Products are placed 3 side by side in the shelves. In some departments, products are placed in two or three rows. In order to move the products in the back row to the front and make them selected, you need to match and destroy all the products in the front. Thus, the back row can come to the front row and be selected.

You can create empty shelves for yourself by placing products in empty spaces in other departments. When you place 3 of the same product on a shelf, you complete the matching process, and these products disappear and spaces are opened for you to make a new pairing.

You can track the number of matches you have made to complete the level, the remaining time and the number of stars you have earned from the panel at the top of the screen. While playing the Goods Master 3D game, you destroy 3 of any product by clicking on the hint button in the lower left corner. You can stop time for a certain period of time by clicking the snowflake button on the right. If there is still any product left in the aisle at the end of the given time, you will be burned and in this case you will have to start the same section again.

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