Gold Miner

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Gold Miner
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Gold miner Unblocked game is played on the computer by clicking the up and down arrow keys. It is played on mobile phones and mobile tablets by clicking on the screen. When you click on the downward arrow on the computer keyboard or on the screen on mobile phones, you throw the miner’s rope downwards. If there are stones, money bags or gold coins at the point where you throw the rope, the hook at the end of the rope gets caught in these precious metals and pulls them upwards. On the ground, the rope is constantly moving left and right. When the rope is aligned with the point you want to throw, click on the screen or press the down arrow key.

Every mine you mine has a monetary equivalent. To complete each level, you need to unearth a certain amount of precious metals. In the GOAL section at the top of the screen, you can see the amount of ore you need to mine to complete the level, in the MONEY section, the amount of gold you have mined, in the TIME section, you can see the remaining time, and in the LEVEL section, you can see which level you have played. Play the gold miner game by trying to extract all the precious stones underground in each level and fill your safe with money.

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