G Switch 3

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G Switch 3
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There are PLAY, ENDLESS and MULTIPLAYER options on the G Switch 3 Unblocked game menu page. By clicking the PLAY button, you play a single, reverse and straight 3. This part is played by clicking on the screen or pressing the SPACE spacebar. You control only one robot that appears on the screen.

Robor running in the ENDLESS section moves slower. In this section, you can do some trial and practice tours. In the MULTIPLAYER section, you can play reverse and straight 3 with up to six people in total. The keys with which other players will control their robots appear on the menu page. These are shown in order C, M, CTRL, RIGHT, A and NUM3. Each player can control his own robot by clicking on the relevant button.

While running, the robot changes position to avoid getting stuck in the obstacles it encounters and to avoid hitting the sharp saws it encounters. Sometimes the road ends and the robot encounters cliffs and gaps. The robot continues on its way by changing its position to avoid falling down these gaps. The screen fades to the right at a certain speed. You need to make your robot run at the same rate as the screen. If the robot stays on the left side of the screen and stays off the screen, you will be burned. Likewise, if you fall down the gaps or hit the saws, you will get burned. There are acceleration points on the road. At these points, try to stay on the right side of the screen by increasing the speed of your robot.

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