Fun Colors

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Fun Colors
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Fun Colors Unblocked game consists of two different parts: drawing and coloring. In the drawing section, there are 11 different colors at the bottom of the screen, the shape and thickness of the brush on the right side, and buttons to open a new worksheet, save, share on social media or delete on the left. First, you start the drawing process by adjusting the shape and thickness of the brush. You complete your work by drawing your dream picture on the worksheet and then coloring it.

In the My Painting section, there are 6 different categories such as animals, flowers and transportation. There are 6 different images in each category. First, you select the picture you want to color and open it on the screen. Then you adjust the shape and thickness of the brush and paint the picture using the colors at the bottom of the screen. While playing the Fun Colors game, you can develop your skills by drawing the shapes in your imagination on paper. You can also have fun by coloring ready-made pictures.

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