Four Colors Multiplayer

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Four Colors Multiplayer
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Four Colors Multiplayer Unblocked game is played with special cards. The game can be played against the computer as single player, 3 player and 4 player. When getting started, you need to click on one of these options.

When the first cards are dealt, each player is dealt 7 cards. Our goal is to finish everyone’s papers before others do. This is how you win the game. The papers in the cards have different properties. The player after the person who throws down the card with +2 written on it draws 2 cards from the ground. The player after the person who throws the card with +4 written on it draws 4 cards from the ground and increases the number of cards in his hand. The direction of the game changes after the player throws down the card with arrows pointing to the right and left. In other words, if the turn in the game is clockwise, it goes counterclockwise. The person after the player who throws down the card with the capital letter O cannot make a move. The next person moves. There are also papers with numbers on them.

The time given for you to make a move appears on the bottom left of the screen. Play Four Colors Multiplayer by throwing a card on the ground before this time runs out. The papers you cannot make with the paper you want to use are bright, but the papers you cannot make appear matte. The game doesn’t even allow you to choose these cards. Play Four Colors Multiplayer and destroy your opponent by making all your moves carefully and strategically.

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