Fleeing the Complex

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Fleeing the Complex
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Fleeing the Complex Unblocked In this game, we meet again with our old friend Henry Stickman. This incorrigible adventurer is in trouble again. Henry was famous in his circles as one of the most skilled special forces agents. He can perform any task and steal any item. He paid the price for this. He was captured by Russian special services. Now Henry Stickman is in custody in one of the largest prisons, where the most notorious criminals reside.

Your mission is to help him escape from this nightmarish place. In Stickman Complex Escape you will be responsible for escaping from our old friend. As soon as you start the game, you will see a mini cutscene with Henry Stickman locked in a cell. From this moment your adventures will begin. First you need to decide between four options. Be careful and think carefully before making your choice. If your choice is wrong, you can always try again. A little quick wit and logical thinking and Henry Stickman will make an escape.

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