Fish Resort

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Fish Resort
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There are shopping, bait, medicine and garbage buttons on the right side of the Fish Resort Unblocked game screen. At the top of the screen, you can see the amount of money in your safe, the size of your aquarium, the number of fish you feed, and your level progress bar.

You start playing the Fish Resort game with $1,000. You can initially purchase 4 fish for your aquarium. You can buy fish by clicking on the shopping menu and using the money in your safe. While the fish are swimming in the water, after a certain period of time, images of stars and money appear on them. You click on these fish with your mouse or your finger and make the stars and coins fall down. By clicking on the coins, you add them to your safe. By clicking on the star image, you fill in the progress bar of the level.

After a certain period of time, the fish start to get hungry and get sick. A feed bag appears on the fish that is starting to get hungry. You click on the feed menu and buy feed first. Then you select the baits you purchased and make them appear on the bait menu. Finally, you throw the bait into the water by clicking on the screen. Feeds vary depending on their prices. Expensive feed saturates the fish more quickly. A picture of the medicine appears on the sick fish. You add medicine to the water by clicking on the medicine menu on the right. You can keep a limited number of fish in the water at a time. You can remove unwanted fish from the water using the trash menu. When the level bar is full, you move to a new level. The number of fish you can feed increases with each new level. Additionally, new fish and bait are unlocked in the shopping and bait menus.

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