Fire Boy & Water Girl 3

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Fire Boy & Water Girl 3
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Fire Boy & Water Girl 3 Unblocked game; It is a platform application in which two children, a boy and a girl, aim to collect diamonds and reach the exit door.

The man is controlled with the arrow keys. The girl is also controlled with the “A, W, S, D” keys.

There are liquid and lava pits on the platform. The boy can easily pass through lava pits, and the girl can easily pass through liquid-filled channels. If the boy enters the liquid channel and the girl enters the lava pit, the game is over. You can jump over channels with the up arrow and “W” key. Our goal is to collect all the diamonds and reach the exit door. To do this, teamwork is often required.

The application consists of 30 sections in total. There are 3 difficulty levels in these 30 levels. The sections with metallic gray hexagonal diamonds on the page with the section map are normal level. The sections with triangle diamonds are a bit difficult level. The section with the green and single diamond is the most difficult level. Complete playing fire and water girl 3 game by completing all the levels and taking the girl and the boy out of the temple.

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