Fidget Race

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Fidget Race
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Fidget Race Unblocked game consists of 4 lanes. There is one contestant in each lane. There are a total of 4 competitors including you. As you progress on the track, you come across doors and these doors have plastic circular shapes on them. You need to click on the circular shapes with your mouse or finger. When you click on all the desired circular shapes on the shape, you continue your progress. Which color circular shapes you will click on is written at the top of the screen. You earn points at the end of each stage. You complete the level when you complete all the stages in order before your opponents and reach the finish point as the leader. If even one of your competitors reaches the finish line before you, you’re in trouble. In this case, you continue playing the Fidget Race game by starting the same section again.

You can examine your and your opponents’ positions on the track from the bar at the top of the screen. You can also buy new characters from the SHOP section using the points you earn.

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