Escalator Rush 3D

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Escalator Rush 3D
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While playing the Escalator Rush 3D Unblocked game, the passengers move forward as long as you click on the screen with your mouse or finger. When you finish the clicking process, the passengers remain stationary. The track features a double-lane driveway, electric steps moving upwards, passenger buses and ships of different shapes. Our goal is to take passengers through flowing traffic and onto buses and ships.

There are barriers to increase and decrease the number of passengers in car traffic. For example, when passengers pass through the barriers marked “X3”, the number of passengers triples. When passing through the “+20” barrier, the number of passengers increases by 20. When passing through the “/2” barrier, the number of passengers is halved. In this way, you should try to reach the port or bus stop by passing through the barriers and increasing the number of passengers. Barriers move from left to right or right to left. When advancing passengers, you also need to take into account the direction of movement of the barriers.

To complete each section, you need to deliver at least one passenger to the port or bus stop at the end of the track. You earn points according to the number of passengers who board the ship or bus. You can track the amount of points you have earned and the number of sections you are in at the top of the screen. You can buy new passengers or change your characters using your points.

Passengers die when they are crushed under cars or when they fail to board the ship and fall into the water. In this way, your number of passengers decreases. When all the passengers die, you burn and in this case you have to start the same level again and continue playing the Escalator Rush 3D game.

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