Energy Clicker

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Energy Clicker
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On the left side of the Energy Clicker Unblocked game screen, there is a person pressing the pedal of the generator with his foot, and on the right side, there is a dark neighborhood. When you click on the screen with your mouse or finger, the worker presses the pedal of the generator with his foot and turns on the lamps of the houses in turn.

The STM scale above the worker shows the worker’s endurance. The worker gets tired as he presses the pedal. You follow the remaining power of the worker from this scale. When the scale is reset, you stop clicking on the screen and give the worker a rest. While the worker is resting, the STM bar fills up again and you continue to press the pedal of the generator. As you press the pedal, the lights of the houses on the right turn on one by one. As the lamps turn on, your current level gradually fills up and you earn money and store energy. You can also follow your level from the LVL scale.

You can choose a neighborhood from the EV menu in the upper left corner. You increase your worker’s strength, intelligence level and durability from the CHARACTER menu. You can buy new generators, workers, energy drinks and boosting proteins using the money you earn from the SHOP menu. Thus, you can increase the endurance level of your worker while playing the Energy Clicker game.

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