Electric Man

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Electric Man
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Electric Man Unblocked Game Flying kicks, powerful punches and cheering crowds are an integral part of tournaments! Come and join the Voltagen tournament in the hugely popular Electric Man game. Face fierce opponents and defeat them to win the rounds and claim the title of Voltagen champion. Shatter the air as you fly towards your opponents with your swift kicks, unforgiving punches, and many other martial arts moves that will have the crowd cheering! If you are ready, let the game begin!

Electric Man has three different difficulty settings that you can choose from at the beginning of the game. If you’re playing the series for the first time, we recommend choosing the easy one to get used to the controls and mechanics. Flex your muscles and get ready for some action! When you start a new game, you must enter a username, and if you wish, you can change the color of the energy aura surrounding your character. Once you’ve demonstrated your skills and convinced the tutorial that you’re the best, it’s time for the real action! Your character has many moves. You can catch, kick and punch your opponents. Your opponent will surround you and they are not looking for an autograph! When you find yourself at the center of an unmanageable amount of attention, you can escape and get out of the way! Kicks and punches are too common to climb the ladder to champion rank! In addition to normal kicks and punches, you can also use slow-motion versions of these attacks. These attacks cause more damage, but cost energy to use. You can see the battery icon in the upper left corner of the screen. It will decrease with each slow-motion attack, but don’t worry – a trained fighter knows how to replenish his resources! Over time, the battery recharges so you can continue damaging your opponents.

Dodge your opponents’ attacks and knock them to the ground with a well-timed strike! We hope you have fun!

This game was developed by DX Interactive.

Release date
January 2007

Tournament system
Action packed game
tough battles
Change the color of your character’s aura
Your character has various moves. Use arrow keys to move your character. Press W for a slow motion kick move. Use Q key to punch in slow motion. The A key is for normal punch moves and you can use the D key to grab and the E key to grab in slow motion.

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