E30 Drift Simulator

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E30 Drift Simulator
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E30 Drift Simulator Unblocked game, get behind the wheel of the legendary BMW E30 model and drift or customize your vehicle with this iconic vehicle. If you are a fan of BMW E30, enjoy this game that has been prepared with all the details in mind. You can now play this game, which is one of the indispensable car games on smartphones, online from your computer without downloading it. There are 3 different modes in the game. You can see these modes at the top of the driving screen. With the simulator mode, get behind the wheel of the vehicle and drive as you wish in the city in flowing traffic. Earn money by sliding the car in Drift mode. In Arcade mode, you can speed up as much as you want by reducing the slippage of the vehicle. Earn money by drifting or passing through speed cameras at certain points on the map. You can see the desired speed on speed cameras. For example, if you are asked to pass at a speed of 150 km, pass that point by reaching that speed and earn money. You can also increase your money by finding bags hidden at certain points on the map. With the money you earn, modify the vehicle as you wish by changing its color, tires or neon lights and create the E30 of your dreams.

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