Drunken Fighters Online

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Drunken Fighters Online
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While playing the Drunken Fighters Online Unblocked game, you attack your opponent by clicking the right arrow key on computers or the right side of the screen with the mouse. You can go backwards and defend by clicking the left arrow key or the left side of the screen. On mobile phones and mobile tablets, you perform the same operations by clicking on the right and left side of the screen with your finger.

You attack your opponent by going towards him and punching him. As you punch your opponent, you reduce your opponent’s energy. Your opponent also reduces your energy by punching you. Your and your opponent’s remaining energy amounts appear on the indicator at the top of the screen.

Each match consists of 3 rounds. The side that wins 2 rounds wins the match. The side that wins 2 rounds in a row is deemed to have won the match without the need for a 3rd round. You can follow the number of rounds won during the match from the stars at the bottom of the scoreboard. As you win matches, you earn points. You can buy stronger fighters using your points. Thus, you can continue playing Drunken Fighters Online game by starting the next levels with stronger fighters.

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