Drednot.io (Dredark)

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Drednot.io (Dredark)
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Unblocked Drednot.io (Dredark) is a game of flying ships and shooting things.

You can shoot boats and other player ships to get materials that you can use to create new components for your ship.

While a single person can handle the ship, it is recommended to have at least 2 crew members.

Unless you’re using the broken Steam browser, note that the controls are based on the key position, not the letters on the key.

Character Control

Move/Climb Stairs: WASD
Jump/Climb the Stairs
Use Object / Hold Item / Use Held Item: Left Click
Cancel Product Action / Select Action: Right Click
Secondary Action (Usually Rotate): R
Drop/Throw Item: Q + Mouse
Select Inventory Slot: Number Keys
Zoom: Panning
Quick Zoom: C
Local Ship Chat: Enter
Scoreboard: Tab
At its core, Dredark is a platform game. Move your character to interact with various components of your ship.

Hold the jump key longer to jump higher.

Use objects by clicking on them. Your character must be near objects to use it. Using dropped items will cause you to catch them.

Your character has limited stock space. Click to use while holding an item.

Change items using the number keys at the top of the keyboard or by clicking in the desired area.

Items can be moved between slots by dragging. If you hold down SHIFT while dragging, the stack of items will be split in half.

Items can be cast or discarded by pressing the Q button or by dragging them from inventory.


Movement: WASD
Fire Towers: Left Click
Exit: Space/Escape
Usage Portal: Q
You can steer your ship using a rudder. Remember that even if you have more than one helm, only one person can pilot at a time.

You can fire your ship’s RC turrets (orange ones) while piloting.

Fire Turret: Left Click
Unload ammo: Q
Exit: Space/Escape
Gray towers can be controlled by players.

Load turrets using ammo boxes on them.

Some items can be used to modify your ship. Many objects also require a floor underneath.

Wrenches can be used to disassemble most objects.

Turrets and item ejectors must be placed on the outer hull of your ship and require 3 hull block space.

To adjust the size of your ship, use embriens and shrinks. Change the axis by pressing the R key.

The maximum ship size is 80×80 ship tiles or 10×10 world tiles.

To produce
Fabricators can be used to create products from raw materials.

Materials (Metal, Explosives, etc.) can be used to load into the Fabricator.

The producer has a menu to select items to process.

More specialized products require a specific type of manufacturer to make them.

It is recommended that you keep additional ammo and repair kits on hand.

The world of Dredark consists of several regions connected by portals.

To use a portal, fly over it and press Q. You will be teleported to a random location in the linked area.

Overworld blocks can be damaged by projectiles.

Normal blocks have a 25% chance of dropping metal chunks.

White diamond blocks are guaranteed to drop rare items.

Ship Destruction and Despawning
Ships that achieve zero shields will become vulnerable to bullets that damage internal components.

Empty ships will start a 5-minute derelict countdown (30 seconds in safe zones). If the crew does not join before the timer expires, the ship will be saved. Ships can still be destroyed while this timer is counting down, so this is not a recommended way to save ships.

Ship Savings
Rescues can be initiated manually by captains using Crew Control, but only when the ship is in Freeport or another safe area.
Ships can be reloaded by captains from the starting screen.
The logs are just to keep your ship safe when logging out or in case the server reboots or crashes. If your ship is destroyed in-game, you cannot reload a previous save.
Saves may eventually be deleted if they are too old or during game-wide resets.
Crew Control
If you have the rank of captain, you can manage your ship by clicking the button in the lower right corner of the screen.

The rank of Captain is achieved by creating a ship or being promoted by another Captain.

You can use the Crew Control menu to ban troublemakers (or anyone you don’t want on your ship) from your ship. The ban system is not perfect, especially in its current state. If Grief continues to overwhelm your ship, you need to set your ship to Private.

Ships are private by default. Special ships can be combined using an invite link. Anyone with the link will be promoted to crew and allowed to rejoin your ship once it is loaded.

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