Dog Hospital

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Dog Hospital
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On the menu page of the Dog Hospital Unblocked game, there are 4 animals that get sick and benefit. You take the animals to the veterinary room one by one and take care of them.

The materials you will use are at the bottom of the screen and the sick animal is at the top. You can also examine other invisible tools by clicking the OK buttons on the right and left side of the medical supplies. The materials you will use during the treatment appear briefly in the upper right corner of the animal, respectively. You try to heal the animal by selecting the material you see at the bottom of the screen and treating it. While playing the dog hospital game, you apply ointment and bandage the wounds of the creatures. You kill the microbes in the inflamed area of the animal whose eyes, ears and throat are inflamed, one by one. You connect a serum to the sluggish creature and ensure that it receives energy and protein. In this way, the animal recovers and gets rid of fatigue. Finally, you clean the feathers of the creature, which is infested with ticks and lice, and allow it to be discharged. You can feel like a real veterinarian by healing a different creature with each treatment.

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