Diy Makeup Salon Spa Makeover Studio

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Diy Makeup Salon Spa Makeover Studio
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Diy Makeup Salon Spa Makeover Studio Unblocked game consists of three parts: facial care, make-up and dressing. Each section consists of different stages. In the first stage, you wash the girl’s face with soapy water and dry it. In the second stage, you clean the acne on the face and moisturize it with cream. In the third stage, you remove the blackheads on the nose and make a face mask. In stages four and five, you cover the spots on the girl’s face by applying foundation. In the sixth step, you draw the girl’s eyebrows. In the seventh stage, you put lenses on the eyes and apply make-up around the eyes. In the eighth step, you apply eyelashes. In the ninth step, you apply gloss and lipstick to the lips. In the tenth stage, you choose the hairstyle, hat and clothes. In the last stage, you complete playing the Diy Makeup Salon Spa Makeover Studio game by putting jewelry such as earrings and necklaces on the girl.

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