Cute Doll Dress Up

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Cute Doll Dress Up
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In the Cute Doll Dress Up Unblocked game, there are menu buttons on the right side of the screen and the character you will design on the left. You design a girl from scratch using 18 different menu options. Using the menu buttons, you can choose your character’s skin color, hairstyle, clothing, eyebrows, eyes, mouth, jewelry, hats and shoes. The options in the menus appear in the window on the right side of the menus. You can start designing the girl by clicking on the option you want with your mouse or finger. You can complete the makeover 2 game by applying different options on the girl and creating different styles of people. You can create a new fashion trend by pushing your imagination a little more each time and creating different types of clothing styles and hairstyles. Thus, you can develop your imagination by having a fun and enjoyable time.

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