Crush It All!

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Crush It All!
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Crush It All! Unblocked While playing the game, you bounce the blacksmith’s anvil into the air by clicking on the screen with your mouse or finger. Every time you click on the screen, the anvil jumps a little into the air. When you make consecutive clicks, the anvil both rises into the air and moves forward.

As you progress on the track, you come across gaps and fire pits. If the anvil moving through the air falls into these fire pits and gaps, you will be burned and in this case you will have to start the same section again. For this, you need to avoid fire pits and gaps while advancing with the anvil. Crush It All! Game While playing the, food, drink cans, fruits and objects of different structures appear in front of the anvil. As the anvil breaks these objects into pieces, you earn points. When the anvil reaches the end of the track, you complete the section and move on to the next section. In the upper right corner of the screen, the number of objects you have broken into pieces, that is, the amount of points you have earned, and the number of sections you are in in the LEVEL section, are displayed.

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