Crash Landing 3D

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Crash Landing 3D
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Crash Landing 3D Unblocked game is played by clicking on the screen with the mouse or your finger. As long as you click on the screen, the plane you are flying takes off. When you remove the mouse or finger from the screen, you press the brakes and the plane glides downwards. There are yellow stars and rings in the air. There are red fuel tanks inside some rings. On the left side of the screen, the amount of fuel remaining in your tank is displayed. If you run out of fuel while in the air, your plane will fall into the water and burn.

You earn points for every distance you travel in the air. Play Crash Landing 3D game by collecting gas cans and staying in the air without hitting the buildings or mountains you come across. If you hit high houses or mountains in the middle of the sea, you will also get burned. If you come across a house or mountains while flying in the air, immediately go higher to eliminate the risk of an accident. We hope you have a pleasant time with this aircraft simulator application.

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