Crash Car Parkour Simulator

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Crash Car Parkour Simulator
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While playing the Crash Car Parkour Simulator Unblocked game, you drive the car by clicking the “W, A, S, D” keys on computers. You press the brake by clicking the SPACE spacebar. You return to the previous menu with ESC. You increase your speed with “Z”. On mobile phones and mobile tablets, you move the car back and forth by clicking on the gas and brake pedals on the right side of the screen. By clicking on the right and left arrow buttons on the left, you direct the car left and right. You stop the car by clicking the handbrake button.

As you progress on the track, you will encounter fixed or mobile barriers and obstacles. When these obstacles hit your car, your car gets damaged. If your vehicle turns upside down or becomes unable to move on the track as a result of these damages, you will be on the hook. In this case, you have to start the same section again. If your vehicle overcomes the obstacles and reaches the finish point, you complete the level and continue playing the Crash Car Parkour Simulator game by moving on to the next level. As you complete the levels, you earn cash rewards. Using your money, you can buy a new and more powerful car from the menu page and start the track.

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