Cowboy Swing

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Cowboy Swing
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While playing the Cowboy Swing unblocked game, you hold on to the connection points by clicking on the screen with your mouse or finger. Your character, rope, connection points, flexible steps and stars on the track are visible. Connection points are arranged randomly on the track in a circular shape. When you click on the screen with your mouse or finger, the rope in your character’s hand clings to the nearest anchor point. When your character holds on to these points with a rope, he swings back and forth. You are always moving forward, trying to reach the next connection point. You earn points according to the distance you progress on the track, and you can follow your current progress at the top of the screen. You can also earn extra points by collecting stars.

If you stay in the red area on the left side of the screen or fall down the gaps, you will get burned. In this case, you have to start playing the Cowboy Swing game again. For this, you must constantly move forward and try to earn the highest score.

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