Count Master Clash

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Count Master Clash
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While playing Count Master Clash Unblocked, you control your army by moving your mouse or finger left and right on the screen. You increase the number of soldiers in your army by passing through doubling and increasing areas on the platform. As the number of your army increases, you make more powerful attacks on enemy forces. Crossing points consist of signs such as X5, +25, -10. If you pass through the points marked “-“, the number of soldiers decreases. If you pass the signs that say “X”, your soldiers increase exponentially. If you pass the signs that say “+”, the number of your soldiers increases according to the number of increments. If you get caught in fixed or moving obstacles, barriers and traps on the track, your number of soldiers decreases. If your number of soldiers is reduced to zero or completely destroyed by enemy forces, you will be burned and have to start the same level again.

When you reach the end of the platform, you earn points by progressing on the track as much as the number of soldiers in your army. You earn points as you complete the levels. By using your points, you can increase the initial number of soldiers or increase the currency unit. Thus, you can continue playing Count Master Clash Game by starting the next levels with a stronger army.

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