Cooking Live Be A Chef And Cook

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Cooking Live Be A Chef And Cook
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In the Cooking Live Be A Chef And Cook Unblocked game screen, there are customers at the top and the kitchen counter at the bottom. On the kitchen counter, there is a grill, cooking stove, foods such as eggs, cucumbers, tomatoes and lettuce, and a beverage machine. Customers take turns coming to the counter and placing their orders. Customers’ orders appear on the side panel. In this panel, you can also track the waiting time of customers for their orders. If you cannot deliver the orders within this time, customers leave the restaurant.

You earn money by serving food to a different number of customers in each section. You can track the number of customers and the amount of money you earn from the panel at the top of the screen. Using the money you earn, you can buy new food and drink types, grills and plates for your kitchen.

While playing the Cooking Live Be A Chef And Cook game, you first click on the eggs with your mouse or finger and cook them in the pan. The cooking level of the eggs is visible on the pan. You put the eggs on plates before they burn. You throw away the burning pans by double-clicking on them. Depending on the customers’ wishes, you add tomatoes or cucumbers to the meat and serve it. After serving all the customers and completing the section, you move on to the next section.

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