Combat Online

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Combat Online
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Combat Online is a 3D multiplayer shooter inspired by classic games like Counter Strike. Play with people from all over the world. Create your own map! This is something completely new and different compared to other games. Lead your team to victory.

About the game
There is another multiplayer shooting game you can play in your browser. You can register to play or enter the game as a guest. Then join one of the three servers in your region. This helps optimize your game so you don’t experience bad ms. You can then create the room or join it classically. But the interesting thing is that you can also create your own map with walls and obstacles as you wish. You can play with your friends on your own maps and benefit from getting to know the terrain. This game offers you many options, so try them all. Enjoy.

Game features
You can create your own map. You can also browse other players’ maps in the community tab!
As a registered player, you will find an in-game shop with many skins for weapons, items and clothing.
In-game ranking system. Find the best players and become one of them!
You can adjust the quality of the game and avoid lags. Do it in options.
A sophisticated game for free in your browser!
Combat Online Unblocked
If you have found that Combat Online is blocked on your electronic device, this is most likely because it is blocked by the network or device administrator (for example, at school). In this case, you need to change the network or device you connect to to play the game. You can find more information in our article: Ways to avoid blocking?

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