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Rate this post Unblocked is a free online strategy io game inspired by the game Settlers of Catan. The first version of this game was released as in 2017, but its name was later changed to Although the game is generally known as an online strategy game, it is also known as a board game within the community. As a city builder, you take on the role of city building. Build your civilization by expanding your territory and raising an army while establishing your city. You must strengthen your army and aim to have the highest score. Building settlements and cities produces resources. You can obtain the products and resources necessary to build your civilization by trading.

How to Play
The controls in the game are very simple, all you need to play on the computer is a functional mouse. To play on a mobile device, a touchpad or touch screen is sufficient.

When you start the game, each player rolls the dice in turn. When you roll the dice, the resource with the corresponding number on the map will be delivered to your civilization. You can build settlements, cities, roads and similar structures using the resources the game gives you. Development cards give you knights who build your army and rob your opponents. If you are missing an important card, you can trade it with other players and the bank. Building settlements next to the port will give you a better trade deal in the resource offered.

Bank: By default, you can get 1 card of another type by giving 4 cards of the same type.
Port Bank: If you have a settlement near a port, you can use that port feature. It offers an extra option where you can trade by giving a card with default features.
Longest Path: The player with the longest consecutive path wins 2 victory points directly. At least 5 consecutive roads must be placed on the map to receive this bonus.

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