Clicker Heroes

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Clicker Heroes
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Clicker Heroes Unblocked is a great game that allows you to kill thousands of enemies just by clicking a lot in the game. You will have your fighters and you will be able to improve them a lot. All you have to do is be very fast. So let’s get to work and start the fight.

You start the game in a jungle location, where you will fight weaker enemies of the first level. Your hero will fight on his own, but if you help him, you will quickly earn money to improve your hero or buy new characters.

Defeat enemies quickly to get more healing and more coins. Click on the creepy monsters as fast as you can. Pass the levels one by one. The first big enemy awaits you on the tenth level, you will have thirty seconds to destroy it. You will get good money for killing the enemy. Move the cursor of coins to get them. When you earn enough money, you can buy a new hero. The faster you click, the more money you get in less time. And as a result you will be able to buy more heroes and improvements, this is the main idea of ​​the game. This leads us to the simple conclusion that in this type of competition, speed is your best friend and time is sort of your enemy. Now your job is to make your friend work for your benefit as well as not to let your enemy harm you.

You have three windows on the left of the screen. The first window is the store, where you can buy new characters and improve existing ones. The second window is the Hall of Achievements, there is a lot of interesting information there. Get rewards for earned coins, explored locations, clicks and destroyed bosses. The third window is statistics, it shows information about your game as a whole. You can track your results. Find out the number of coins earned, monsters killed, bosses defeated, and clicks per second. Try to get as far as possible and always help your characters if necessary.

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