Clash Of Stone

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Clash Of Stone
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While playing Clash Of Stone Unblocked, you drag your mouse or finger backwards on the screen to throw stones. You can adjust the shooting power by dragging your mouse or finger backwards, and aiming by dragging it up and down. During this process, the route the stone will follow appears on the screen.

On the left side of the screen is the castle you need to protect, and on the right side there are enemy soldiers. Enemy soldiers also throw stones and cannonballs at you. Additionally, some enemy soldiers come from the ground with cars and detonate bombs in your castle. As a result of the attacks of enemy soldiers, your castle that you need to protect is damaged. You can follow the damage status of your castle from the indicator at the bottom of your castle. When the indicator resets, your castle collapses and in this case, you lose the war and burn. When you throw stones at enemy soldiers and destroy them, the enemy troops attack again from a different point.

You can neutralize enemy troops more easily by using bombs made of TNT molds and iron cannonballs at the bottom left of the screen. With each enemy attack you destroy, you advance one stage in the level and also earn points. You can track the number of levels you are in from the LEVEL section at the top of the screen and your total score from the top right corner. You can buy larger and more effective cannonballs from the SHOP section using your points. Thus, you can continue playing the Clash Of Stone game by winning the following levels more easily.

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