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Unblocked is an isometric pixel art shooter where you must fight and loot all the weapons to defeat all your enemies. Play this fast-paced mech shooter now. Control a war machine and try to survive as long as possible in a deserted mining station. When you enter the game, you become part of a team. Your enemies are shown in red. To find out their location on the map, go towards the red rectangle. The HUD around your machine shows the machine’s current status. The large arc represents your remaining hull, while the bottom bar shows your shield level. Follow the red dots to find your enemies. Damage will first be absorbed by a force field around the machine. When consumed, the hull is damaged until the machine is destroyed. The mechanism can focus energy in front of it to reduce damage to the shield. The shield itself charges up to 50% over time. To go beyond that, find buyers. For the first few seconds after respawning, the mech is immune to damage but its weapons are disabled. Every time you kill an enemy, you move up a rank and earn equipment that you can exchange for different mechanics.

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