City Builder

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City Builder
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When you start playing the City Builder Unblocked game, you select the construction area by clicking on the location marker on the map. Each construction area constitutes a different section. When you start construction, a window appears on the screen. In this window, the coefficient of the building and the amount of points you need to collect to complete the level appear. When you start construction, there are blocks attached to a crane swinging left and right at the top of the screen. When you click on the screen with your mouse or finger, you cause the concrete blocks to fall down. Each concrete block forms a separate floor of the building.

You create the solid when the blocks fall on the structure below. You earn 50 points when the structure below and the falling block coincide exactly on top of each other. If there is a gap between the falling block and the blocks below, the amount of points you earn decreases. In addition, the resulting gaps disrupt the balance of the structure. This imbalance between floors increases as the building rises and causes the building to collapse. While construction continues, you can follow the number of remaining floors and the amount of points you have earned in the upper left corner of the screen. You end the construction process by completing all the floors and placing the roof on top. If you reach the target score at the end of the construction, you complete the level. If you cannot collect as many points as the given target or if the blocks topple over and fall down, you lose. In this case, you have to start the same section again. You continue to play the City Builder game by building a different structure at a different point in each new level. As you build buildings, you actually create a city for yourself.

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