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Unblocked is one of the most light-hearted and non-violent competitive multiplayer action games on the market. Play as a maniacal-looking little monster, collect sweets and treats to gain experience, hit your enemies with bananas and other funny weapons, and speed up to avoid their attacks.

When you are just starting out, it is better to avoid direct conflicts with other players. Try to focus on collecting fruits and sweets instead: these will give you XP that will accumulate over time and help you level up to become bigger. You can also fix bugs to gain some more experience. After a while, you will be much stronger and your weapon will have a longer range, then you can start fighting other players.

As with any game of this type, the controls are very intuitive and easy to get the hang of: move your mouse cursor to go in a certain direction, click your Left Mouse to attack, and click your Right Mouse to accelerate. The speed boost costs you some experience points, but sometimes it’s the only way to survive.

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