Car Racing 3D Drive Mad

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Car Racing 3D Drive Mad
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While playing the Car Racing 3D Drive Mad Unblocked game, you move the vehicle by clicking on the screen with the mouse on computers. By clicking the “A – D” keys, you direct the vehicle left and right. On mobile phones and mobile tablets, the vehicle will move as long as you click on the screen with your finger. You direct the vehicle by dragging your finger left and right on the screen. You increase the speed of the vehicle by clicking the NITRO button that appears on the screen.

As you progress on the track, you will encounter fixed or moving traps. If you hit these traps, your vehicle will be destroyed and you will be reborn a little further behind the collision point and continue playing the Car Racing 3D Drive Mad game. 6 vehicles start each level with you. If you reach the finish point at the end of the track in the first three places, you complete the section and move on to the next section. If you cannot complete the course in the first three places, you are screwed. In this case, you have to start the same section again. You earn points as you complete the levels. Using your points, you improve your vehicle’s speed, handling and auto cruise features. You can also buy a new and more powerful vehicle from the GARAGE section.

While driving, you can track your speed and the length of the track at the top of the screen. Your ranking is also written on your vehicle. You can experience moments full of adventure and excitement by trying to be first in each section and completing the track.

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