Car Parking Unblocked

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Car Parking Unblocked
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With the Car Parking Unblocked game, you try to get your car to the exit door. There are other cars parked on the road where your car will travel. You move the cars on the exit road by clicking on them with your mouse or your finger and dragging them back and forth. Likewise, you can drag your own car forward or backward.

There are arrow signs on the road your car will travel. When you clear the other cars in front of your car, your car continues on its own, reaches the exit door and completes the level. You earn points as you complete the levels. You can buy new cars from the SHOP section using your points. Thus, you can continue playing the Car Parking game from the parking lot, starting the next levels with the car you just bought. In each episode, you try to achieve results by using your intelligence skills on a different track.

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