Car City Renovation Salon

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Car City Renovation Salon
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Car City Renovation Salon Unblocked game consists of 6 different parts. Taxis coming to the repair shop have different problems. You take the taxis to the relevant sections and carry out the transactions. There is a yellow arrow that moves up and down above the sections you will be working on. You start the process by clicking on this arrow sign.

In section number one, you wash the dirty and dusty taxi with soapy water and rinse it. In the second stage, you dry yourself with a cloth. In the third stage, you polish the taxi by polishing it.

In section number two, you clean the inside of taxis. You remove dust with a rechargeable vacuum cleaner. You throw the garbage into the bucket. You also wipe up spilled water and soft drink residues with a cleaning cloth.

In episode three, you repair the taxi whose bodywork is damaged. You fix the damaged and dent parts with a hammer. You weld the torn parts.

In section four, you change the rims of the taxi and inflate its flat tires.

In section five, you connect the cable of the taxi whose headlights are broken. You attach a protection bar to the front of the taxi.

In section number six, you paint the taxi in the color you want and stick a sticker on it.

The general problems you will encounter while playing the Car City Renovation Salon game can be defined as bursting or deflating wheels, engine failure, tears in the bodywork after the accident, and interior and exterior cleaning. You can have a fun time by performing each operation carefully and meticulously.

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