Candy Match

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Candy Match
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Candy Match Unblocked is played by combining and bursting at least 3 candies of the same color and shape. You can combine candies horizontally or vertically. As the candies disappear, new candies come to the playing field from the top of the screen. In this way, new combinations are formed on the screen as a result of each explosion.

Candy Match game consists of different parts. At the beginning of each chapter, you are given goals to complete the chapter. In these targets, you are told how many types of candies you need to pop or which areas of the playing field you need to pop. These goals are described to you as MISSION at the beginning of the chapter. The number of moves required to reach your goal appears in the ZÜGE section at the top of the screen. Every time you make a move, the number here decreases by 1. Play candy crush saga game and complete the level by fulfilling all the objectives before this number becomes zero.

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