Bubble Shooter

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Bubble Shooter
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Bubble Shooter Unblocked game consists of 6 different colored balls: red, yellow, green, light and dark blue and purple. Make at least 3 balls of the same color disappear by combining them.

You earn points with each explosion. To earn higher scores in one shot, you need to destroy as many balls as possible at a time. Your total score appears on the right side of the screen. You finish the game when you finish all the balls on the entire screen. See the GAME OVER window on the next screen and see your total score by adding BONUS points in addition to the points you have earned.

Gray colored balls lined up next to each other appear on the bottom left of the screen. The number of balls here shows the number of mistakes you can make. With every empty move you make, one of the gray balls here will decrease. When there are no gray balls left, a line will be added to the game screen from top to bottom. In this way, the number of colored balloons on the screen increases.

When you completely clear any of the 6 colored balls from the screen, a new ball of that color will no longer appear. But this time the number of lines displayed on the screen increases from 1 to 2. If you completely eliminate a second color, 3 lines will be added to the screen.

Colored balls are placed in a rectangular area drawn with lines on the screen. If even one of the balls crosses the line below, you lose. You can race among other real players with the points you collect. To do this, WRITE YOUR NAME in the window that appears when the game is over and press the OKEY button. You can see your name along with the people who earned high scores on the record table.

You can direct the ball by hitting it against the right and left walls of the screen. In this way, you can also destroy the balls that you cannot destroy with direct shots.

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