(Brutal Mania)

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Unblocked fighting game! Get crazy and jump into crowded fights Fight for gold! Fight for victory! Evolve and become the mighty warrior! (Brutal Mania) is an online gladiator .io battle game where you will fight against other players in the scariest fight you have ever seen. Take on other players and defeat them all to win the game to be the last one standing.


Move your mouse
Left mouse button to attack
Right mouse button for sprint is a bloody battle arena fighting game with fast-paced action. An arena, armies of rivals – big crazy battle!

* Fight for gold and glory!
* Find and unlock types of chests,
* Unlock achievements
* Improve your hero
* Upgrade your weapons
* Level up your player and get permanent stat boosts!

Enter the crazy whirlwinds of war!

PRO TIP: Focus on collecting orbs and upgrade your weapon early! Good gun is the key to scoring the best multikills!

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