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Unblocked is a great multiplayer IO game where your goal is to survive against other players from around the world by smashing them and defeating them with your combat. Explore the map in search of primitive materials to enlarge your weapon and try to kill as many opponents as possible to further increase your score. The goal is to survive as long as possible to top your game’s leaderboard. An adaptation period will be required to properly control your car and use the game’s physical engine to direct the gameplay, but after the first minutes pass you will understand how to develop strategies to defeat your enemies.

Enter a nickname and start moving around the screen with your scary spiky ball attached as your tail as you try to wipe out other players. You can throw it to eliminate players from greater distances and then pull them back to you. We hope you have fun!

How to play
1. Steer your car with your mouse and press right click to release your gun. When you make turns or circles with your car, it will speed up your combat so you can release it at the best time and in the direction you want, allowing it to crash into an opponent and destroy them.

2. At the beginning of the game, focus on collecting small particles to gain your first level and thus increase the size of your weapon. You can then attack other players who will give you much more points.

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