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Unblocked is a team-based io game where you are on the zombie side or the human.
Which side will you choose in Braains io? is a great multiplayer survival game – you start as a human, but you can immediately turn into a zombie if you try to turn other players into one too.
As you can imagine Braains is a zombie survival game and it’s a bunch of fun! Each server can have up to 50 players, 1 starts as a zombie and their goal is to spread infections by tagging people. The people’s target of course has to survive the entire match time without being tagged, but it’s hard to run them down, so it’s recommended to barricade yourself somewhere safe with other players.


Braains is a great version of zombie tag, if you start as a zombie your goal is to tag people and turn them into zombies so you’re not alone. Once you infect others, they will help you in the hunt to infect all people. There are several buildings within the map with entrances and debris to block these entrances, take this into consideration and try not to accidentally convict your teammates sitting safely in barricaded houses as they won’t be too happy. Teamwork is a must to succeed in this game, your chances of survival are much higher if you have multiple people cooperating and blocking an entrance, so keep that in mind!


Since is a big game of tag, there is no need for attacks or fancy powers, your character is controlled using the WASD keys and controls people just to walk towards them.

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