Boxing Random

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Boxing Random
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Boxing Random Unblocked Game is waiting for you to take your place in the arena! This sport is unlike any you have seen before. You can grab a friend, sit in front of the computer and see which of you is better at boxing. If you prefer to challenge the AI and show off your skills, you can also compete against the CPU! Get your fingers ready now and let the tour begin!

Nothing is a coincidence in this fun sports game. The best player to win 5 rounds wins the match. You must be patient and quietly charm your opponent. To win rounds, your goal is to aim for the head. The player who touches the other’s head wins the round. Use your keyboard to move your character. The most important feature of the Random Game Series is that it makes your characters jump. Use the up arrow and “W” key (for the second player) to jump characters. Another defining feature of this entertaining series is its changing background! You can enjoy various backgrounds and objects during the game. You can compete with your opponent near the beach, on top of the mountains and in many other creative places. Choose your game mode, decide your opponent and have as much fun as possible! May the best player win the match!

RHM Interactive developed Boxing Random.

Release date
May 27, 2021

2D color graphics
Change backgrounds
1-player and 2-player options
Fun and addictive game
Player 1: “Up Arrow” Player 2: “W” You can play the game on mobile devices or tablets with touch controls.

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