Bouncy Race 3D

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Bouncy Race 3D
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While playing the Bouncy Race 3D Unblocked game, you advance on the track by dragging your mouse or finger left and right on the screen. The tracks are designed in a curvy way. There are obstacles consisting of fixed and moving blocks, jumping and acceleration ramps on the road. When you hit obstacles, your speed decreases. When you pass through the jump ramps, you fly into the air. The place where you will fall is indicated by a green circle. You need to direct your character left and right and position the point where you will fall on the track again. This way, you can continue the track without getting burned.

16 people participate in each episode with you. If you pass your opponents in order and finish the course in the first 3 places, you complete the level and gain the right to pass to the next section. At the top of the screen, the length of the track, your ranking and your position on the track appear. If you don’t finish the course in the first 3 places or fall into the water, you’re on the hook. In this case, you have to start the same section again. For this, you should play the Bouncy Race 3D game by trying to complete the challenge as best as possible without getting stuck on obstacles on the winding road or falling into the water.

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