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3.7/5 - (137 votes) iUnblocked s a challenging game played on thousands of different maps, where the last one standing wins in exhausting battles, where reflexes and strategies are very important, and there is no room for mercy. However, players play this challenging game as a sweet little ball.

The aim of the game is to be the last ball standing by killing your opponent’s other sweet and cute balls. To do this, you usually need to knock your opponents off the map. You can do this by hitting your opponents hard or hitting them with arrows, depending on the game mode.

How to Play

The gameplay of the game is quite simple. You need to use the arrow keys to move. In addition to the arrow keys, x and z keys are used.

When you press the X key, a thin white aura appears around you. You can think of it like khaki. If you press the x key while you are about to hit a ball from your opponent, you can hit your opponent much harder and increase your chance of throwing him out of the field.

The Z key allows you to shoot arrows by saying “right”. When you press the Z key, an aiming line appears on your gun. You can also direct this aiming line with the arrow key. Afterwards, you release your hand from the button, launch your arrow and hit your opponent.

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