Bob The Robber

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Bob The Robber
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Bob the Robber Unblocked game is played with “A, S, D, W” and arrow keys. Money is hidden in the safes and paintings on the wall. Collect these coins by stealing them. With the money you save, you can buy equipment and special clothes to steal during level passes.

You have the right to be caught by security systems and guards 5 times. These rights appear with glowing red lights at the top of the screen. As they are caught, the lamps go off one by one.

Inside the buildings, there are coded doors and laser-protected corridors. Passwords are written on the documents on the wall. Keeping this password in mind, go to the door, enter the password, play Robber Bob and open the door. To remove the laser system, you can turn off the system by opening the panels on the wall. Complete the tasks by going to the location indicated by the yellow OK and leave the building through the exit door.

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