Bob The Robber To Go 6

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Bob The Robber To Go 6
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Bob The Robber To Go 6 Unblocked game is played by using the arrow keys on computers, and by clicking on the right, left and hand sign buttons at the bottom of the screen on mobile phones and mobile tablets.

You commit theft by entering public and private buildings in the city. Rob the money hidden behind the cabinets by stuffing it into a bag like a thief. Buildings are protected by security cameras, laser lights, coded doors, guards and police. Disable the doors by de-energizing the laser lights from the panels on the wall. Again, to open the coded doors, play Robber Bob 6 game by finding the passwords hidden on the wall and opening the doors. Complete the mission by reaching the points indicated by green arrows inside the building. You enter a different building in each level. Rob these buildings one by one and fill your safe with money.

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