Bob The Robber 4

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Bob The Robber 4
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Bob The Robber 4 Unblocked game is played with the arrow keys. You enter all the buildings in the city and steal them.

Important documents and money are hidden in the walls and secret compartments of the buildings. You need to take these documents and money and exit the exit door without being caught by the robots and security system.

The document you receive contains a password to open the encrypted doors. Keep this password in mind, open the door, play Robber Bob 4 game and exit the building.

The protection of the buildings is provided by security cameras, locked doors and guard robots. When the cameras are facing the opposite direction, stand directly under the camera and wait, and when they change direction, run away.

The amount of money you have collected appears at the top of the screen. With this money, you can buy different products such as lock picks and new thief clothes to open locked doors during level passages.

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