Bob The Robber 2

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Bob The Robber 2
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Bob The Robber 2 Unblocked game is played with “A, S, D, W”, arrow keys and “SPACE” spacebar. Move with the arrow keys and take the coins among the items. Attack the robots with the SPACE key and cut the cables on the panels.

Play Unblocked Robber Bob 2 by entering every building in the city one by one and stealing all the money hidden in the items.

Buildings are protected by camera systems, laser beams and robot guards. When the camera is facing the other side, immediately come under the camera and wait. Then, when the camera changes direction, immediately go to your destination. Disable the laser beams by cutting the cable on the triangular yellow panels. Disable the robots by pressing the spacebar.

Use the arrow keys to act as a key to open locked doors.

To open the coded doors, first find the paper with the password written on it. Read the password on the paper and remember it. Then go to the coded door, enter the password and open the door.

Go to the places indicated by the yellow OK and pass the level.

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