Blue Mushroom Cat Run

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Blue Mushroom Cat Run
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While playing the Blue Mushroom Cat Run Unblocked game, you control the animal by using “W, A, S, D” and arrow keys on computers, or by dragging your finger left, right and up and down on the screen on mobile phones and mobile tablets.

The track consists of a 3-lane road. As you travel on the road, you come across trains, cars, barriers and boxes. If you hit these obstacles and traps, you will be burned. In this case, you get burned and have to start playing Blue Mushroom Cat Run game from the beginning. To do this, you change lanes, duck or jump into the air to avoid hitting obstacles and traps. You also earn points by collecting gold coins on the track. There are features such as magnets, missiles and helmets on the road. By getting the magnet feature, you collect more points by attracting all the gold coins to you. You take the missile and move forward by flying. By taking the helmet feature, you can continue your journey without getting burned in case of an accident.

You can track the distance you have progressed on the track and the amount of gold you have collected from the upper right corner of the screen. You can improve your character’s features by using gold.

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